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My thoughts on this weeks comics. Some spoilers might run abound.

If you haven't read all the books. I might spoil some things.

So, I've read a bunch of comics this week. Most were quite good, some better then others.

New Avengers, rocking my world. But I still am not completely sold on this whole Ronin thing. Look at all those pages with that character and tell me that's a female. If so, she is wearing a whole lot of padding. But the ending page made up for any misdoubt I was feeling art wise.

I read the new issue of X-Men. All I can say about the last page is, What?! I couldn't even speak my reaction the other night when I read it. Is it a good thing, bad thing? Is it even real? I have no idea.

And how can I forget the new issue of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe X-Men 2005. Thanks Marvel, for including Jubilee in that handbook, mutant powers and all. I'm guessing this was put together waay before the idea of House of M. It was such an odd pairing of characters, especially ones that aren't even X-Men, nor mutants anymore.

More thoughts to come later.
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