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Once again, it is that glorious day, new comic book day. And here I will present to you, in no specific order, my new comics for the week. So without further ado, I present to you:

Dani's Comic Goodness

Generation M #1
Marvel Holiday Special
Ultimate Fantastic Four #25
Wolverine #36 - I'm curious to see what this new "origin" storyline is going to be
New Avengers #13 -Ronin, yeah I know who you are. Good idea, bad drawing.
PvP Volume 3 TPB
The Walking Dead vol 4
Teen Titans vol 4
Amazing Spider-Man vol 10

So, it looks like a small week for me this week. I've also got other books sitting on my lap, but those are mostly my fiancee's. We've got Exiles, but I'm way behind on the storyline. I'll just wait till Marvel busts out the new trade. And I've got Sentry, but I forgot to read the first two issues. Maybe I'll dig through the piles of backstock we've got sitting on the floor and try to fish out those two other issues.

That is all for now. Hopefully I'll do a few mini reviews of some of the books after I read them.
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